About Veni + Red Stick Pet, LLC

Red Stick Pet is the pet sitting service of Veni Harlan. She cares for pets in their homes in south Baton Rouge, LSU, and downtown areas. This is a visit service only. If you are requiring overnight stays, day care, or boarding, or care in other parts of the city, please refer to the Links page of this site for recommendations.

So how did RSP begin? After years of relying on friends and family, Veni discovered professional pet sitters for her own treasured pets and was thrilled with the reliability, convenience, and care she received. While in graduate school, she established Red Stick Pet, LLC as a part-time endeavor, applying her extensive expertise working with animals. After graduate school she continues petsitting on a limited basis.

Professionally, Veni is a graphic designer and co-founder of Marsh Dog. She is a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge and the keeper of several Borzoi, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and one chatty Cockatiel. In her lifetime she has owned her share of cats, rabbits, fish, cattle, chickens, hamsters, goats, and rescued almost everything with fur or feathers. Veni is a former dressage competitor/horse trainer. She currently participates in conformation and performance events with her Borzoi under the kennel prefix “Far Field.”

Veni practices and advocates responsible pet ownership; supports pet-friendly legislation; participates in community outreach and education through local, regional, national breed affiliations; and supports a variety of companion, wildlife, and environmental non-profit organizations. Baton Rouge is a great city for pet owners and there are many wonderful activities associated with their care and enjoyment. (Visit “Support Local Causes” to learn more!)

Veni’s disaster experience post Katrina/Rita and Macondo as caretaker, foster, and wildlife para-professional is extensive. Like so many others, these events shaped her appreciation for disaster preparedness. In 2010 she created the site “Ready Borzoi” for the Borzoi Club of America. It provides an array of resources as well as a nation-wide network of Borzoi owners willing to assist in times of need. The site was recognized nationally with a prestigious AKC Community Service award.

Environmental conservation and habitat issues have always been a concern for Veni
and led her to focus on the Louisiana Black Bear for her LSU graduate thesis. She continues to help the Black Bear Conservation Coalition implement the brand and marketing strategy she developed.

In 2012, Veni and her brother were awarded a grant to help found “Marsh Dog,” a company that uses wild nutria (an invasive species which destroy marsh) in all-natural, eco-sustainable treats. Man’s best friend can now support responsible stewardship of Louisiana wetlands. 

We hope you enjoy checking out some of the fun and useful information on this site.

So Why use a Professional Petsitter?

  1. They are more likely to remain on their regular eating, sleeping, and exercise schedules.

  2. Your pets will not experience the stress of a confined and unfamiliar setting of a boarding facility or be exposed to illnesses.

  3. A professional pet sitter relieves your neighbor, relative, or friend from the obligation and responsibility of caring for your pets.

  4. In many cases, particularly with multiple pets, in-home care is more cost-efficient than public boarding.

  5. You’ll be able to travel with confidence knowing a professional sitter is providing the love and attention your animals deserve as well as security for your home.

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